Sports are popular, are they not? The people who watch football are so numerous that football is the most popular sport in the world. Fans cheer for a club that is located thousands of miles away from their city, and belongs to a totally different country and culture.

Some sports are more popular than others, whether because of their simplicity or because they are invested in, that they dominate the market. But, there are always sports which get enough money and attention that they start creeping through the top 10 most watched sports.

Horse racing is one of those popular sports which not many people follow, but which is still very popular, with fans travelling the world to watch races and visiting bet365 Ireland to predict results. Here is a story of how it became so popular.

Horse Racing Has a Long Tradition

When something is embedded in the tradition of a people, or in the case of horse racing, peoples, then you can be sure that it will be popular, no matter how much time passes. Horse racing is one of those sports that is not only fun to watch, exciting to bet on, but also a sport that carries a lot of tradition and with it, culture.

As people, we cherish our own culture, as well that of other people, respecting it and wanting to experience it to the fullest.

When tradition is embedded in a sport, you can be sure that the sport will get exposure, both for the sake of culture, and for the sake of promoting one’s country and values.

Horse Racing is Very Fun

When something has a tradition, that does not make it immediately good to watch or follow. Horse racing, however, is very entertaining. Whether you are watching the flat races where horses speed along a track, hoping to get to the finish line as fast as possible, or jump races where horses do a similar thing, but with vertical obstacles, they are both bound to be fun.

Horse racing is very exciting to spectate, on television and especially live. Live spectating of horse races is not something to miss if you ever get an opportunity. Be sure to follow the proper etiquette once you get there, but other than that, enjoy the adrenaline rush.

It Was the Only Way for Some

Horse racing was for a long time the only legal form of sports betting that citizens in the United States could do. That changed as of relatively recently, but prior to late 2017, horse racing was the only sport that was a legal option for sports betting in the US.

When you do not have many options, or in this case, you have only one, you can be sure that most punters are going to take that opportunity. Even after other sports became legal, most punters stayed with horse racing, because they fell in love with the sport.

On other continents and in other countries, horse racing and sports betting were legal (for most of the world), and since the two go hand in hand, the added element of gambling attracted more viewers.

Whether it is for its entertainment value, for its tradition or for its close relation to sports betting, horse racing is becoming more popular by the day. It is definitely a fun sport to watch so if you have the time, try a race or two.

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