5 Best Horse Names for Your Horse

Owning a horse can be a really tedious task for most people. It is not simply purchasing a horse, but maintaining and caring for your horse, not to mention having where for it to reside and live.

But, prior to owning a horse, one needs to name them. A horse will eventually learn to respond to its own name, as well as the sound of the voice of the person talking to it. Choosing the right name for your horse can be tricky. Here are some ideas on which names to choose, with hopes of them matching the horses’ characters.


This is probably the most common and most regular everyday name that you can choose for a horse.

Why would you choose this name? Well, it fits almost any horse, male or female. It also works well for a horse that does everything great but excels at nothing. A jack of all trades, a horse that can do everything and that everyone gets along with. If you feel like your horse will be good at almost everything but not a master of a single trade, then Jack might be a fitting name.


This is one of those names that will fit a horse with a particularly dark mane, if you are being literal. If you are being witty, then it could match the horse’s character. A brooding horse might be called Midnight, or one that people do not get along with. It could also be a picky horse, picky in the sense that it only gets along with a few riders. This name should fit horses both dark in mane and in character.


This is one of the most common names for a horse, particularly a mare. Bella means beautiful in so many languages and as we know, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Whether the horse has a nice curvature or a lovely mane, or is a generally lovely horse, the name Bella works well, particularly for a mare. That being said, it is one of those names that you will find everywhere, but that is not a bad thing. It is a great name.


This is an iconic horse name, known in movies as well as horse racing. Choose this name if you expect your horse to do great things. It is also a lovely name, referring to something not terrestrial, but still here, in an essence. It can mean many things, depending on your point of view so it could fit many horses.


This is a simple name for a horse that has a light step, or any kind of step, for that matter, particularly if it is iconic. It is also the name of a horse from The Wheel of Time Series by Robert Jordan, ridden by one of the protagonists, Perrin Aybara. In the series, the horse was named by Perrin due to its quick pace and speed. 

These are the 5 best horse names for your horses. You can name them this way, or any other way, provided that you and the horse are happy with the choice.

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