Horse racing is a popular sport, and while not as popular as sports like football and basketball, tennis, or cricket, it has its place in the world. Horse racing is full of tradition, entertainment, and adrenaline.

Horse racing has played a large part in the history of sports betting. Personally, I like to bet on all sports, especially since I was able to find out more about promo code betfair and now know how to make my betting experience more enjoyable. I bet on soccer, basketball, and even golf sometimes, but horse racing and sports betting just go perfectly hand in hand. For a newcomer to horse racing, there are some races that one should never miss out on if they are a punter. Here they are, in no particular order.

The Royal Ascot

This is one of those horse races that are so deep in tradition that it might captivate you and that can be detrimental as a bettor. However, you can place your bets prior to the ceremonies and fanfare, which you should do with any race, particularly if you are spectating live.

A series of races awaits you at the Royal Ascot, so do your research prior to betting. The track is grass and it is a sight to see. Flat races are what you will be betting on, which are simpler in terms of betting compared to jump races. 

Nakayama Grand Jump

Here is something completely different to Ascot, the Nakayama Grand Jump. It is a relatively new race, dating back to 1999. It is a steeplechase race, as the name might suggest, where horses ages 4 and up can compete. The distance is 4250 meters and it is held on a turf surface. Being a steeplechase race, you should know that your horse can be the fastest, but it also has to finish the race. If it crashes somewhere, the odds of it catching up or finishing first are non-existent. It is a high-risk race to bet on, but with some research, you can lower that risk.

The Kentucky Derby

This is one of those horse racing events that everybody has heard of, and for good reason. It is pretty famous, as is the Churchill Downs racecourse. It is a dirt race, as well as a flat race. This is one of those races where you will find punters screaming and cheering their favorite on. It is one of the most exciting races to bet on, because of the audience as well as the speed and atmosphere. Consider the Derby, but know that a lot of eyes will be looking at the race and that the odds will most likely be set in stone.

Breeders’ Cup World Championship

When there is an international thoroughbred competition, who can stay away? It changes location every year so you will not find it on the same racecourse. It is in the United States and Canada and it has multiple races, flat and steeplechase. It is held on turf and dirt. If you want a challenge and an event that will attract the most betters (outside the Olympics), this is the event to bet on. Look it up in advance, however, because it is important to know the racecourse details on time.

Horse racing is pretty close to sports betting. That being said, betting on the largest of the horse races is a great way of getting to know the sport, as well as how well you can do as a punter. These are the races/festivals/tournaments to bet on if you are interested in betting on horse racing.

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