Whenever you are starting someth8ing, whether a new career, learning a new instrument, a new sport, it can be tough to get going. However, the transition can be made easier if you have the right tools and if the opportunities align. In most cases, that means having the right information beforehand.

Horse riding and learning how to ride and take care of a horse is best done with breeds that are more suitable to beginners. That would immediately disqualify some breeds, even though there surely are individual horses of a breed that would be great towards newbies.

Following are the 5 best breeds for beginners and newcomers to horse riding.

The Quarter Breed

The American Quarter horse is known for many things, one of them being racing. It is one of the top breeds in the US, widely regarded for its temperament. Some horses can be slightly more on the energetic side, which is what you want for a racing horse.

But, most of the time, the horses are pretty mild in their temperament. A mild temperament is great for a beginner. These horses are also known to be quite adaptable, which is another thing beginners need.

The Morgan

This has to be the best family horse out there. It will care for you, whenever it has. It is a very social breed of horses, one that always aims to please the owner and rider in whichever way possible. They are often great with children, beginners and even experienced riders. While you might not see many on the racecourses, you will see them in every riding school. They have no health issues that you need to be worried about.

The Kentucky Mountain Saddle

These horses are known for their amazing ride. Like a good suspension in a vehicle, these horses have four beat movement so you will not feel the ride at all. This is great for anybody who is not akin to being thrown in the saddle, meaning beginners and especially the elderly.

The horses often have a mild temperament, but like with any horse, they can be trained for a specific purpose, some being more suitable than others.

The Clydesdale

These horses are fantastic, albeit sometimes too tall. When a horse is large, they can be intimidating towards beginners. Some find it hard to climb into a saddle when the horse is too large. However, their size is often just for show (unless necessary, of course), and they are known to be pretty quiet and great towards beginners. Once you get over the fact that they are huge horses, you will soon learn to love their amazing demeanour.

The Icelandic 

Iceland is a rugged place which has harsh environments. Its mountains and cold weather, not to mention wind, have made the Icelandic a breed to behold. They are among the most agile horses out there and their ride is amazing. They are smaller in size and therefore much less intimidating to beginners.

A horse with agility and a soft ride, not to mention a great temperament is a perfect match for beginners.

These are some of the best horse breeds for beginners. They often have a great temperament and are therefore best suited for newcomers. Avoid excitable breeds and individual horses, especially untrained ones. Those can be dangerous for even the experienced rider.

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