Everybody dreams of something, of becoming a superstar athlete, of becoming a superstar actor, or for some, of having their own horse. People who live on farms and have stables might already own horses, but for those who live in a city, owning a horse can be an expensive undertaking. The annual costs of owning a horse vary from country to country, but let us examine what it would take to actually own a horse. This way, any upcoming horse owners might think twice before jumping the gun and purchasing a horse.

The Entry Levels of Horse Owning – Purchasing a Horse

Horses can be anywhere from 500 dollars to many millions, depending on whether they are potential champions. For most people, the range will be anywhere between 500 and 10000 dollars.

There are free horses out there, but they will most likely be elderly horses. While possible to get a free elderly horse, it might have health issues or issues that come with age. It might not be suitable for anything other than just being there. It might also be perfect.

Horses in the up to 1000 dollar range are more often very young and not trained at all. These can be dangerous to newcomers who have no idea what they are doing. Once you cross the 1000 dollar mark, you can start considering a well-trained horse, or at least one that knows how to behave.

What Are the Annual Costs?

This is where things get tricky. Purchasing a horse is a single cost, but actually owning a horse takes more money. Expect to spend at least 1000 dollars on food alone. At least a third of the money will go into food, which is expected.

Caring for the horse is also mandatory. They will have to get regular veterinary examinations as well as those from a ferrier. The former will take care of their health overall and the latter of their hooves. Hooves are not optional, they have to be maintained, otherwise the veterinarian’s price will go up significantly. These expenses can be up to 600 dollars annually, if everything goes perfectly. They can go up, depending on whether the horse has an emergency.

Finally, boarding is expensive. Owning a horse requires that the horse has where to sleep, not to mention food and water. If you find basic boarding that only offers shelter, then that will cost around 100 dollars per month. More expensive boarding can offer food and water and cleaning, which doubles the monthly price. If your horse has where to stay, then there is no need for boarding.

Your Own Time

Having a horse means daily work with that horse. That takes time. If the 3000 dollars in the best possible case annually is enough, know that your time also has to be invested. Owning a horse costs some money but also time and attention. 

Any prospecting horse owners should take heed, owning a horse is expensive, both in terms of money and in terms of your own free time.

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