5 Most Famous Racing Horse Breeds

Horses are among the world’s most interesting animals. They have their own temper and each is about as individualistic as you can expect. Horses are used for many things, from racing to jumping, to even equestrian gymnastics. Horse breeds, however, are special and often used for one purpose depending on the breed. Some are better for racing, while others are better with children and beginners.

Here are the best racing horse breeds, in no particular order.


The Arabian is one of the most well-known horse breeds in the world. They are basically the ultimate racing horse breed. They are also thought to be beautiful, to have high stamina, lots of intelligence and pretty gentle. Of all the horses, the Arabian is probably the breed that has spread its genes to almost all other breeds. Arabian horses are used for anything from racing, to shows, anything equestrian-related, to circuses and movies, even. They come in all colors, so do not be surprised to see a white and a black, or bay Arabian.


Thoroughbred horses are bred in England, or at least, that is where the tradition was created. They are most notable for their use in racing. Most racing horses nowadays are thoroughbreds and even their name should signal what they are good for. A combination of Turkman, Barb and Arabian gave birth to the Thoroughbred, a racing machine. 

They are stronger and larger than regular horses, with muscular legs and a history of racing. Most winners today will be Thoroughbred horses. The most common colors are brown or dark bay and chestnut, with sometimes black. Some horses have a white stripe on their bodies, across the face or on the legs. When you see horse races, you are likely looking at a Thoroughbred horse.

Paint Horse

The Paint Horse is known for its large white stripes across the body. They can be multiple colors, from bay, to chestnut, but all of them have a huge white stripe or rather, white part of their body, hence the name. They were bred in the United States, and are great horses for racing, shows, jumping, working with children, as well as training, in general.

There are two primary Paint Horse types, the tobiano and overo, with the main distinction between the two being where the white paint is located on the body.


This is another United States breed. They are beautiful looking horses, known for their spotted color. They are used in western competitions, such as reining, roping and cutting, fox hunting, eventing, show jumping, as well as sports such as pole bending and Barrel racing. It is a really pretty horse breed, but they are also very unique in the way that they are used for racing, not just horse racing, but other disciplines, as well.


A purebred Spanish horse, the Andalusian is an amazing one to behold. They are pretty calm and intelligent, making them a great breed for dressage and training. They were the original school horses, often being used to train new riders.

They take part in many disciplines, including horse racing, so do not be surprised to see them almost everywhere on an elite level, as well as in some schools.

Racing horses are fantastic animals who go through a lot of training to become champions. These breeds are some of the most famous ones.

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