There are many kinds of healing, of the body, of the mind, and what some consider, the soul. Healing needs to be done on multiple levels once a person is injured, of course, all depending on the type of injury. For some people, the things that need healing are inside the brain. Emotional and mental healing is important and sometimes, we pay little to no attention to that.

But when things do need fixing, why not try a different kind of therapy? Equestrian or equine therapy is great for many things, emotional and mental. Here is more on the subject.

What is Equine Therapy?

Equine therapy or equestrian therapy or equine-assisted therapy is a method of healing where horses are implemented to help patients recover or overcome some mental obstacle. Exercises such as horse leading, horse riding, and of course, grooming and feeding them.

This type of therapy is done with a medical professional, who can be trained to be a riding instructor, or there could be another person responsible for that part of the therapy. It is likely that your therapist will also be specialized in all things equine.

How is Equine Therapy Used?

Depending on the issue, various degrees of emotional problems can be overcome through a plethora of exercises that all involve horses. From simply grooming a horse to eventually riding one, patients are encouraged to monitor their emotions while attempting to connect with the horses. 

Through the various exercises that patients have during therapy, they can learn and develop anything from confidence, empathy, impulse control, social skills, awareness, emotional and otherwise, as well as trust. These things are necessary for a healthy life, especially today when we are met with stress at every turn.

Is It for Everyone?

Equine-assisted therapy can be for everyone, from children to adults and seniors, where age is not really an issue.

Equine therapy has existed since the time of ancient Greece, at least if we consider written texts as evidence, from the time of Hippocrates. More recently, however, equine therapy has surfaced in the 1950s, with there being options for handicapped people, who were the primary focus of the time. Only later has the psychological effect of equine therapy been examined.

With that in mind, it has been somewhat concluded that everybody can benefit from having a horse introduced in their therapy.

Equine Therapy In Practice

Most of the time, equine therapy is not performed on its own. It can be, but it is not. With that in mind, regular therapy, such as talking and reflecting, performing various awareness exercises, are mixed with equine therapy to produce the best results. Mostly, the regular talking part and exercises are performed when actually doing equine therapy, unless it is a particularly difficult exercise, physically and emotionally.

Equine therapy is a way of assisting people with their issues, inhibitions, and problems, to help them find a way through, by using horses as a medium. Whether practicing socialization, empathy, overcoming fears, learning to be confident and trusting, or simply adding some much-needed physical exercise, equine therapy has a way of helping.

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