How to Overcome a Fear of Horses?

In this world, there are many things which can scare us, some of us so much so that we might consider not facing them ever again. But, overcoming our fears is a part of growth, particularly if these fears can be overcome through rational ways, like therapy or outright looking them in the eye.

Some people are scared of horses. It is rare, but a large animal weighing anywhere between 400 and 1000 kilograms can instill fear. They can kick, or trample you should they feel threatened. 

However, being scared of horses is in most cases, not warranted. If one would want to overcome their fear of horses, these are the best ways to do it.

Equine Therapy

Equine therapy or equine-assisted therapy is a very simple way of using horses for therapeutic purposes. They are used to help solve anything from people’s inability to socialize, to teaching people empathy, care, passion and many other things.

If you are scared of horses, then wouldn’t it be great to have a medical professional as well as a horse trainer nearby, helping you overcome that fear. Learning what the horses do and what the sounds and movements they make mean, are essential steps in understanding how they behave, and that they should not present any threat to you. Try horse therapy, it works, for more than just being scared of horses.

Find a Local Riding School

Getting over a fear of horses is simple when you enroll in a riding school. Horses feel your emotions, your body movements, trembling, your breathing. They are living beings and they communicate and react to you. Some horses are tricky and they want to show you who is the boss, so they will make fun of you for being scared.

But, there are lovely, emphatic horses which will take care of you, allow you to have a lovely ride and enjoy your time, slowly helping you conquer that fear. The more time you spend with horses, the more you will understand how to behave and how to work your way to gaining their trust and respect.

Practice Makes Perfect

If riding is not your thing then once more, find a local riding school and offer your services, to help maintain the stables and work on the horses, clean them, and in general, take care of them.

If you spend enough time with what you are afraid of, looking it straight in the eye, or in this case, taking care of it, you will more than likely overcome your fear. Volunteering at a stable is a direct way of learning how to communicate with horses and that each and every one of them has a temper of its own, traits that they will display every now and then. 

Empathy and Care – Learn with Friends

If you have friends who are entangled in the world of equestrianism, then by all means, contact them to help you conquer that fear. They will already know most things and you will not be walking around the stable as a newborn, handling the pitchfork like a weapon, but rather a tool. Friends always help and in the case of friends experienced with equestrianism, they can help even more.

These are simple and easy ways to help you overcome your fear of horses. Get to know them and see that they do not bite (as often as you think).

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